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Cancer Care of NCW, Inc.

   Welcome to Our House 
Where Guest Comfort Is Our Top Priorty
 Cancer Care of NCW, Inc.
 1708 Castlerock Ave
 Wenatchee, WA 98801
The Mission of Cancer Care of NCW, Inc. is to help alleviate the day to day inconvenience of cancer by providing a Regional Resource Center whereby patients may be assisted in their daily routine by providing help with housing and additional support including but not limited to their social and rehabilitative needs. 

What is Our House?
Our House is a project of Cancer Care of NCW, Inc. and it provides a home away from home for out-of-town  cancer patients undergoing treatment in Wenatchee. 

It is our commitment and vision to recognize the enormous toll that cancer takes on individuals 
in our communities.  We pledge our support to enhance the quality of life to these individuals by meeting their expressed physical, emotional and financial needs while preserving human dignity. 

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