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How long may I stay?

Guests may stay as long as their treatment lasts.  Guests stay during the week, returning to their own homes after treatment or by 12 pm on Friday and returning for treatment on Monday.  Personal items may be left in your bedroom over the weekend.  Each room is equipped with a personal safe but we recommend you do not leave valuable items over the weekend. Our House is not open on weekends. 

Can I bring someone with me?

You are allowed to bring one adult with you during your stay, as most of our rooms can accommodate two people.  Children under the age of 18 are not allowed.

Can I bring my pet with me?

We do not allow pets during your stay while at Our House.  We can assist you with a stay in pet-friendly hotel accommodations if you require your pet or emotional support animal.

What about meals/food service?

Guests are responsible for preparation of food for their own use and are welcome to bring their own food items during the week.  There is designated space for each room to store food items in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.  Our House does keep a pantry of staples and donated food items, as available. 

What do I need to bring?

Guests need to bring their personal items (clothing, toiletries, medications, etc.) and food for their use.  Bed linens and towels are provided.  Our kitchen is stocked with staples, cooking utensils, and appliances.

What is your alcohol, drug and weapons policy?

No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs are permitted at Our House. No hand guns or other weapons are permitted at Our House.

Do you provide skilled nursing care?

We do NOT provide skilled nursing or healthcare assistance. Patients are allowed to have one adult caregiver or companion stay with them in their room during their treatment stay duration.

How is Our House staffed?

Our House is staffed by our House Manager and volunteers from 9am-5pm Monday thru Thursday and on Friday from 9am-12pm. Our Night Manager is available 5pm-9pm for evening hours support, and throughout the night for emergencies. Our Night Manager says on the premises in an apartment throughout the night. Volunteers are at the house throughout the week to assist daily house activities.

Is smoking permitted at Our House?

Smoking is not permitted inside the house but is allowed in a designated outdoor area of the patio.

What are my responsibilities as a guest?

Guests are responsible for their own food preparation, clean-up, and daily upkeep of their bedroom and bathroom.

What is the cost of staying at Our House?

For those who are able to contribute, a donation of $20 per night is suggested. 

Our House does not refuse services to those who are unable to pay.

Do you have any pictures of the house?

Of course! You can find some pictures of Our House here.

How does Our House's Social Services Assistance Program work?

Our Social Services Assistance Program provides funds for individuals diagnosed with or undergoing treatment for cancer who are in need of financial assistance with related expenses. These funds may assist with:

  • Treatment related travel and lodging expenses     

  • Qualifying medical expenses or supplies

  • Prescriptions or co-pays

  • Personal expenses may be considered on an individual basis

One time grant applications are available when expenses exceed $500.


Grants are considered subject to review and approval by our Social Services committee.

For more information about our social services, please contact us.


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